Tuesday 10 September 2019

Tea & Dumplings

Pamela Chan & Jana Roman, Tea & Dumplings, 2019, dimensions variable, ceramic, copper, reclaimed Eucalyptus. 
Photo: Jana Roman

At this one-day popup exhibition the artists invite you to join their ten-year conversation about making by sitting at their table to handle an all-new series of functional vessels and utensils. Highlighting texture and form using metal, timber and ceramics, these handmade individual and collaborative works centre on the functional aspects of consuming Tea and Dumplings. The works are made to fit right in the user’s hand.

Jana Roman and Pamela Chan employ repetitive and meditative methodologies in their making; tools become extensions of their hands through repetitive processes in the forming of objects. The ritual of a shared meal is a reflection of the repetition of making simple functional vessels. Inspired by the natural environment, materials show the passage of time with surfaces marked by the process of making. Beautiful surface imperfections and the feeling of impermanence are expressed by subtle changes of colour and texture.

7 September 2019, 11am-9pm
Testing Grounds1 City Road, Southbank 3006

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