Friday 22 December 2017

For meritorious conduct

Jana Roman, For meritorious conduct, 2017
Reclaimed denim, reclaimed computer components, cotton
L 3850 x W 170 x D 35mm

Jana Roman, For meritorious conduct, 2017
Sash (detail)

Francis Ormond was the Bill Gates of his time. 
Even in his early days as a sheep station manager Ormond funded evening classes to better the education of his station hands. As Ormond’s pastoral wealth grew so did his philanthropic endeavours, contributing generously to the education, health and spiritual betterment of 19th century Melbourne and the city's future development by funding hospitals, churches, Ormond College at the University of Melbourne and driving the foundation of the Working Men's College that would become RMIT. 
The presentation of an order of merit sash in working persons' blue denim honours Francis Ormond's service to science, art, literature and the promotion of culture and social justice.

Made to dress the Francis Ormond statue, RMIT
Radiant Pavilion exhibition presented 2 September 2017