Monday 27 July 2015


Jana Roman, Sakura-cha, 2013
Fine silver, 925 silver, silver and gold plated copper, japanned brass, cherry stone
H165 x L135 x W85 mm

Selected for exhibition in the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award 2013, Bendigo Art Gallery.

Sunday 26 July 2015

Meet Me...

Jana Roman, Meet Me..., 2015
Pocket object
Repoussé, reclaimed steel container, plastic, 925 silver, paint
H62 x L67 x D27mm

Jana Roman, Meet Me..., 2015 (showing inside)

Jana Roman, Meet Me..., 2015 (showing outside)

The proposal for the exhibition re:make at First Site Gallery was for each exhibitor to randomly draw from a hat the name of another of the artists in the group.  I drew Sue Buchanan and then selected one of her existing works to re:make.

Sue Buchanan, Meet Me in Eagle Alley Assemblage, 2014
(detail of selected object)
Steel, vitreous enamel

Visit suebuchanan8 on Instagram.

I make memory devices using repoussé to record landscapes or events on reclaimed steel containers.  Last year Sue gave me an unusual heart-shaped steel tin her husband had received at a conference.  Handing it to me, Sue said 'I think you could do something interesting with this.'  For the re:make exhibition I used this tin given by Sue and accepted her invitation to meet her in Eagle Alley by making for her a 'site specific body object.'

The tin in its original condition.